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Instant summaryDo not waste time breaking your head with the summaries.Our tool summarizes your text quickly and provides important data in a blink of an eye.
Productivity increaseSmart and fast summaries.Ideal for students, teachers and content professionals who need practicality when writing their texts.
Summarizes pdf, txt and docSummary books in PDF, Doc or TXT within seconds.Texts with quality and agility so you can finish your work without spending a lot of time.
Summarizes big texts/booksWith our tool it is possible to summarize large texts and complete books in seconds.Have quality texts and gain time for other activities.
Summarizes several languagesSummarizes texts that are in other languages easily without resorting to translators.The supported languages are: English, Portuguese, Spanish, German and French.
Without installer, multi-whistleNo need to install any program or application.Our tool is simple to use and intelligent.Try it right now and see the magic happens.