Are you out of time and need quick and quality content?

Is your website or blog not appearing in search results? Are your texts poor and directionless? Do you have difficulty finding synonyms or don't have the patience to generate summaries of gigantic texts?
If your answer was yes to any of these problems, you're in the right place.


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We have gathered the best practices to create your content with quality and speed, all in one place. You gain better visibility for your website or blog, automatic generation of quick and quality content. A great feature of the system is the use of keywords that your customers are searching for on the internet in order to make your content relevant and of high quality for your target audience. The automation of our tool can fill the gaps in your editorial calendar, helping to produce original content and saving time to distribute to other tasks.

Discover the 6 Great Reasons to start using the Automatic Text Generator today

  • Automatic Generator

    Generates text automatically and sends it by email, it can also be posted directly on your blog.

  • Content Translation

    Collects texts from websites in other languages and translates them with quality and speed.

  • Review

    Generates a summary of a text, great for capturing users' attention before they click and go to the full post.

  • Synonym

    Generates texts by replacing words with synonyms. The generated text is not considered duplicate and is great for blogs and articles, also helping with SEO techniques.

  • Order

    Generates texts by making changes in the order of sentences and organizing your content in a didactic way.

  • Search or RSS

    Generates texts through searches or RSS.

I've never seen anything like it! I was impressed with the quality of the generated texts. The sentences are well crafted, words well placed, content with a beginning, middle, and end. Now in a few seconds, I have a ready-made text that would take about 2 hours to do 'by hand'. It will save me time. Very good, I recommend it!, Rodrigo

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